About Single-Stream Recycling

Mendocino County’s new program is called “single-stream” recycling. It’s the future for responsible resource conservation and an important step toward meeting our goal of building a Zero Waste community.  Single-stream recycling makes it almost as easy to use the recycling bin as it is to use the trash can, so for the previously unconverted, there’s no excuse for not recycling.  Single-stream is new and it’s different from how we’ve collected recyclables in the county for the past three decades.

Tire Recycling

Thank you for recycling your old tires.  It’s important to get old tires off your land so you don’t provide breeding places for mosquitoes that spread  the deadly West Nile virus.  Check out the tire collection schedule for 2018.

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Free Paint!

The Hazmobile recovers used water-based paint from our collections. We bulk it by color and pour it into 5 gallon buckets, which are free to the public, first come, first served. The paint is a mixture of interior and exterior grades so it is recommended for exterior use only. Colors usually include tan, brown, gray, and green. The paint giveaway is Tue-Wed from 8 am to 2 pm and 2nd Sat 8-2 at 3200 Taylor Drive, Ukiah.

Free e-waste electronics recycling:

To make it more convenient for residents and businesses to dispose of their waste properly, electronics can be recycled without charge at any transfer station. Included are: televisions, computer monitors, computers, VCRs, printers, cell phones, telephones, microwaves, and answering machines.

HazMobile Collections

  • For Residents:
    Every Tuesday and Wednesday,  from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., there is a Hazardous Waste collection at 3200 Taylor Drive, Ukiah.  Most Fridays and Saturdays we are located in different locations of Mendocino and Lake County.  See our 2018 HazMobile schedule. For information on acceptable material and limits, please see our Info Page.
  • For Businesses:
    Commercial Businesses with hazardous waste require an appointment.
    Call 707-468-9704 to schedule your appointment.

Mandatory Commercial Recycling

The commercial sector generates nearly three fourths of the solid waste in California. Furthermore, much of the commercial sector waste disposed in landfills is readily recyclable. Increasing the recovery of recyclable materials will directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) emissions.

The Mandatory Commercial Recycling Measure focuses on increased commercial waste diversion as a method to reduce GHG emissions. It is designed to achieve a reduction in GHG emissions of 5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents. To achieve the measure’s objective, an additional 2 to 3 million tons of materials annually will need to be recycled from the commercial sector by the year 2020 and beyond.

It is mandatory for commercial businesses to recycle. Visit the page below for further details:

Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling


This page explains in detail the new law requiring California commercial business to recycle organic material, like yard waste, food waste and food soiled paper.

Safe Medicine Disposal Programs

Home-generated Sharps/Needles Disposal
Starting September 1, 2008, it’s against the law to put sharps/needles in the trash.  See our Sharps Disposal Flyer for information on proper sharps/needle disposal.

Improper disposal of medications can put chemicals into our natural water ways that are harmful for fish and wildlife. You can help reduce this problem by bringing your medications to a Safe Medicine Disposal drop-off location. For more information on safe medicine disposal, visit the Russian River Water Association’s web site.

The Mendocino County Sheriff has also started a program which allows community members a safe location to dispose of all unwanted and outdated prescription medications: Operation Medicine Cabinet.
Medication can also be taken to the hazmobile.

Lake County Info

If you are interested in recycling opportunities in Lake County check out the comprehensive information posted at Integrated Waste Management, a division of the Lake County Public Services Department.