Households and businesses can now recycle food scraps and food soiled paper in their curbside yard waste bin. Food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard waste are recycled into a nutrient-rich soil amendment; compost. Using compost improves the health of our plants, crops, local gardens and parks.

Nearly 30% of what we throw away in our qarbaqe is recyclable food scraps and food soiled paper – and the average single-family household throws away about 48 pounds of food scraps and food-soiled paper every month. Vegetable and fruit trimmings, meats, fish and poultry scraps and bones, plate scrapings, egg shells, coffee grounds, paper towels and napkins -even greasy pizza delivery boxes-all can be recycled in your curbside yard waste cart.

Getting Started With Food Scrap Recycling

Learn what food scraps and soiled paper can be put in the yard waste cart

  1. Meat, fish, poultry and bones
  2. Dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, etc-)
  3. Vegetable and fruit trimmings
  4. Egg shells, bread, pasta and coffee grounds
  5. Table scraps
  6. Solid food leftovers
  7. Paper towels and napkins
  8. Greasy pizza delivery boxes
  9. Paper coffee filters and tea bags

Select a kitchen collection container that suits your needs

One kitchen caddy is available for free to Waste Management customers. Call them at 462-2063 or 964-9172.

  1. Ceramic or stainless steel containers made especially for food scrap collection.
  2. Paper grocery bags, recycle the bag along with the food scraps.
  3. Reusable containers such as a yogurt or coffee can with a lid.
  4. Empty scraps into your yard waste bin.

Empty your kitchen container when it’s full and empty it regularly. When the weather is warm, and when a lot of food is collected, it’s better to empty the kitchen container into the yard cart every few days..

Avoiding odors and flies

  1. If you’re concerned about odors and fruit flies:
  2. Use a kitchen container with a tighffitting lid and/or a carbon filter.
  3. Put food scraps in a compostable bag, paper bag or wrap the food scraps in newspaper and store in the freezer until collection day.
  4. Rinse out your kitchen container after emptying it.
  5. Line the container with a scrap of cardboard, paper bag or paper towel.
  6. Sprinkle baking soda in the container.
  7. A small layer of shredded paper or newspaper can absorb liquids in your cart.

Keep your cart clean. Line the bottom with newspaper and/or layer food scraps and food soiled paper with your yardwaste. Using paper or
compostable bags will also help keep the cart clean. When your cart starts to smell, contact your garbage hauler to have your cart replaced with a clean one.

Don’t put these in the food scrap/yard waste bin

  1. Plastic-coated containers such as milk and ice cream containers.
  2. Plastic coated paper such as plates, cups and bowls. They do not degrade over time.
  3. Plastic of any kind.